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Welcome to Terra Point Training

Facilitators for the raising of global conciousness manifesting the divine template for an impeccable human design.  Accelerating positive change through the training and support of those with an awakened desire to see true progress for the human family.

The place for booking classes and purchasing metaphysical products for 12th Ray Mystery School students.  A place where learning and communication are enabled, in an open and professional environment, for both developing and established healing practitioners.


We are also able to offer classes in personal development, team building and one-to-one training sessions tailored to suit individual requirements.

Terra Point Training  is in the process of becoming a Registered Charity.  Josephine is a volunteer and makes no charge for her services whatsoever. Any money that is left over after taking out the costs of running a course are put into a fund which anyone may apply to for training purposes within Spiritual Mystery Schools.