Wh we recall the divine plan our spirit has and it can feel as if we have been in a deep slumber. Moments of total clarity come to be and we start to look for ways to grow, to connect with like minded people, to clear ourselves.  One of the greatest realisations is “as within, so without” and we start to take responsibility for the way we behave realising that it has a direct effect on how the world relates to us.

A way to change on the inner, to clean ourselves up is by finding alternative methods of doing so.  There are many paths to enlightenment and the team of dedicated teachers, healers and holistic practitioners of 12th Ray Mystery School, under the umbrella of the Spiritual Mystery Schools, working in close and direct contact with 7th Ray Mystery School are here to assist if you feel called to make contact.

Using the tools from Ancient Mystery Schools, handed down in an unbroken lineage 12th Ray Mystery School offers training that can help on that path to enlightenment and empowerment for individuals.

If you are an individual who feels drawn to seeking, asking such questions as ‘who am I? Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose?’ How may I anchor more of my spirit within me?” we have classes and modalities to answer those questions.  If you ask such questions as “how may I help my fellow travellers along life’s path? How may I serve humanity?” then we have training programmes which will teach you how to empower another.

We don’t use machines to do our work, we incorporate and utilize specialist equipment – and that specialist equipment is YOU

You will never be held back or asked to change the uniqueness in you – instead we will ask, “how can we serve you?”
Each and every one of us has our own gifts and our own special talents.

  • We will ask “How can we assist you in reaching your full potential, bringing to full ripeness the seeds within you.

  • What we will do is teach you, to the highest standards, tried and tested modalities that have been handed down over thousands of years, made available in modern times for empowerment and healing.

  • What we are committed to doing is working with each individual and watching the beauty as they grow, for in that growth is joy and growth for us all.

Dedicated to Anchoring Divintity on Earth


Our team are Energetic  specialiststs,  trained to work on people and places.  There is someone for everyone and no competition.  We go where we are needed and you choose who you resonate with.

Our European Team


Josephine Penny – 12th Ray Mystery School Steward

  • Dedicated Channel for Archangel Sandalphon and spokesperson for Eve offering Readings and Healing Sessions.
  • Ceremonial Master, Elder Guide, Inititated High Priesess, Oracle, Healer, Energy Specialist of People and Places.
  • Global teacher of Mystery School Programmes.

Based in UK covering UK and Europe, and South Africa.

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Natalie Birks

12th Ray Mystery School Guide, Ceremonial Master, Initiated High Priestess, Metaphysical Healer, International Channel


Based in Devon covering UK and Europe

Call: 07736 698999

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More Information for therapies can be found at Divine Therapies

& for Mystery School Classes, The Wisdom Tree Centre


Michael Legge


12th Ray Mystery School Guide, Ceremonial Master & Metaphysical Healer

Based in Scotland Covering UK & Europe







 Hayley Rogers 

12th Ray Mystery School Guide, Ceremonial Master, Metaphysical Healer

Based in London Covering UK and Europe.

Call: 07828 148708


More information on classes and for readings can be found at  hayleyrogers.com


Hayley is a skilled and emapthetic yoga teacher for all levels.

Karen Owen

12th Ray’s very own Oracle, based in the Wirral offering 1:1 AK Activations, Crown Cap Removals, Cord Cuttings, Energy Balancing and Etheric Healings.



Call: 07981315312


Karen can be found and messaged at Temple of Light



Our team are Energetic  specialiststs,  trained to work on people and places.  There is someone for everyone and no competition.  We go where we are needed and you choose who you resonate with.

Our American Team

Laurie, Lady Eleanor is the Steward of Spiritual Mystery Schools and the Founder and Steward of 7th Ray Mystery School, the Ray that is held by the Archangel Metatron, twin of Sandalphon.


Laurie is a Master Qabalist teaching Qabalah to the highest level in a way any can understand and fully experience.

Her role and dedication is to empowering all who ask and step forward, handing down tools and teachings so that they can become teachers themselves in their own right.


As a Ceremonial Leader and High Priestess, Laurie teaches full Celtic Shamanic High Priestess and High Priest Training and all the practices, principles and theories behind them.


In 1997 Laurie founded Triolite Foundation.   In 1998, she co-founded Rocky Mountain Mystery School.  During her time with Rocky Mountain Mystery school, Laurie was a co-author and channel of the Adam Kadmon program.  Laurie performed the first Adam Kadmon 24 strand DNA Activation!


In recent years, Laurie authored many other programs.  Some of these are:  Gifts of the Spirit® Basic, Etheric Healing Modality® Basic and Advanced techniques; Elemental Alchemy; Foundational Magick, Gifts of the Spirit® Intensive, Advanced Channeling Skills, DNA Reading Intensive, and the Japanese Channeling School program.   Recently, Laurie has authored several Home Study Programs on various metaphysical subjects such as Basic Metaphysics, Master of Magickal Studies, Elemental Alchemy, Oracle Training, and Wicca.

Laurie is the author of many Mystery School Seminars and trains Teachers and Guides.   She has authored many Seminars on topics devoted to accomplishing the Great Work.


Beginning your journey with a Mystery School as an Adept is like finishing your A-levels at 6th Form college, you have actually got a complete education and can go forth into the world and start working on a really good career.  However, if you wish to go further, really master something, you carry on studying and  push beyond 6th form into University.  You may even go further and stay on for a Masters Degree.


Laurie has probably put together THE most comprehensive package of metaphysical studies that have ever been seen in one place and made them accecible to all.  If you are ready and wish to study, all you need can be found here.  However, you will NEVER be pushed into taking a class or full programme.  You are asked to consider these things very carefully and decide what is right for you.


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For Metatron Readings

Triolite Seminars – a whole host of all the things we can offer – you will be amazed!

Spiritual Mystery Schools



Camille Saklaczynski is based in Colorado.

She is a 7th Ray Mystery School Elder Guide, Oracle, Qabalist & Shaman

  • Qabalah Teacher
  • GIfts of the Spirit Readings as an Oracle
  • Elemental Alchemist
  • King Solomon Healer/Etheric Healer
  • DNA Activator & Reader
  • Jikkiden Reiki Healer

Email Camille 

Call:  (303) 918-9189

Find Camile on Facebook www.facebook.com/IAmCamilleCeleste


Roxanne Celeste Pratt is a 7th Ray Mystery School Guide and Initiated High Priestess based in Oregon

  • Quantum Shaman Medicine Woman
  • Licensed Quantum Physics Technician
  • Certified Etheric Teacher/Healer


Call: (553) 338-0928

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